Give A Gift That Will Last

Tired of shopping around for gifts for family and friends that cause you more stress than joy? Rather than giving more “stuff” this year give a gift that will leave a lasting impression. Make meditation the gift that you give that will enable your family and friends to start finding lasting peace from within.

“The monthly meditations from Shanti Within have been an integral part in controlling my anxiety and focusing on the present. Previously before receiving the monthly meditations I would struggle with my daily meditation practice, however with the downloads now in hand I can push play on my phone and off I go! The downloads helped get me into a meditation routine without the struggle of trying to do it all on my own and figure out exactly what I would meditate on that day. Plus my fiance has even taken a liking to them and always asks “can you play those meditations you have on your phone?” While some may question the effectiveness of meditation, I can personally say that meditation has saved me multiple times from my own head space and spiraling into anxiety. I am so grateful for these meditations and the journey Anusha continues to take me on with each new month.” – Danielle Horton
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