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Anusha as a Speaker

Anusha is a thought leader on the science of mindfulness and meditation and speaks around the country on the benefits of these practices for general wellness, as well as for cancer risk reduction and survivorship. Anusha makes the science and practice of mindfulness and meditation accessible to all. She works closely with me on programs focused on mindfulness and meditation for those patients battling with breast cancer, or those who are at a high risk of developing breast cancer. She has a wonderful attitude and is an inspirational speaker.

Dr Sadia Khan

Breast Surgeon, Hoag Hospital and Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery, USC

Anusha spoke at our inaugural Mindful Her event in October 2015 and she was amazing! Our event participants raved about her presentation on “Mindful Communication, Unleashing Your Feminine Power Within.” Anusha’s beautiful energy, innate ability to connect with people, warm demeanor, and deep knowledge of a wide range of mindfulness topics have made Anusha one of our most powerful speakers and we are delighted to feature her at upcoming Mindful Her events.
Joanne Forster

Co-founder, Mindful Her

When we were planning the inaugural Orange County Employee Benefits Council’s Woman’s Tea it was important to us to offer a not only a social event, but also share health information that women could incorporate into their daily lives. Anusha was a hit! She was the final speaker of the day and she captivated the audience. Many in attendance had never meditated before and Anusha put everyone at ease, established a warm and nurturing environment, and made meditation accessible to all. Anusha is simultaneously a consummate professional and a real woman with every day experiences. She received high praise from our audience and we can’t wait to bring her back to our next event.
Ann Stawicki, President

Orange County Employee Benefits Council (OCEBC)

We were pleased to welcome Anusha back again this year as a speaker at our annual Cigna Women in Leadership Summit, where we hosted 100 female leaders in the healthcare industry. Anusha spoke to attendees about her expertise in the field of meditation and mindfulness. She shared the science behind meditation, why it is beneficial and how it allows people to better cope with challenges they face every day. Her message aligned with Cigna’s mission to improve the health, wellbeing and sense of security of the people we serve. Thanks to her presentation, attendees were able to take away tangible tools to use in their work and personal lives. Anusha has done a great job sharing an important wellness message, and we are lucky to have her speak with us each year.
Sasha Yamaguchi, Regional Vice President West Region & Texas Markets


Anusha is one of the most dynamic speakers we have had present at our annual Orthopedic Nursing Symposium. She spoke on “Anxiety Reduction Techniques for the Orthopedic Nurse and Their Patients”. The participants raved about her lecture and her willingness to share her expertise in mindfulness. Anusha led the attendees through a mindful breathing exercise that captured the essence of her guidance, support and coaching that anyone in the healthcare industry could benefit from (both professionals and patients). The audience was inspired to continue practicing mindfulness and focusing on the breath to help control stressors and as a result feel better-equipped to teach patients these techniques to help reduce their anxiety. We highly recommend Anusha for any upcoming educational event to add a dimension to the learning experience that the participants truly appreciate and walk away with some very useful techniques!
Marisa Swain, Clinical Nurse Specialist

National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses, Orange County Chapter

The WOW event that Anusha spoke at for our women’s group back in March was wonderful, informative and educational. Our clients all walked away from her presentation with new tools to help them navigate through their stressful days. Learning that there are other ways to cope and deal with the stress of our daily lives was eye-opening to the women in our group, and I know that many of them (including myself) have added mindful meditation to their daily routine.
Shawn Covarrubias, Vice President, Operations

Apriem Advisors

Anusha leading Yoga Workshops and teaching as part of Yoga Teacher Training Programs

The Mythology of Asana course is an outstanding introduction to the myths, deities and stories behind the practice of yoga. When Anusha Wijeyakumar intertwines her own personal background of Hindu childhood experiences with these tales, she shares her knowledge with enthusiasm and understanding. Anusha brings new depths of insight and meaning to the asana practice as the student becomes familiar with the powerful stories behind the asanas. As the Director of a 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, I would highly recommend this powerful course to any yoga teacher training or anyone who wishes to dive deeper into the mythology of yoga. It brings a richness that otherwise is often lost in the yoga world today.
Flossie Park, Director

Soul of Yoga Institute 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

I’m a yoga teacher with over 600hours of Yoga teacher training – and I definitely wish Anusha’s workshop was in my trainings! I recommend every yoga teacher take this workshop. It’s not only captivating, but will refresh and renew your own practice and the way you teach! I honestly can not say enough good things about it. Her lectures should be in every yoga teacher training program. After taking the workshop I realized how much the yoga training programs are missing. The true meaning, heart and soul behind the most popular poses explained from the source of their existence – mythology passed down over the ages via storytelling.
Merry Trentadue

Yoga Teacher - RYT600

I have been practicing yoga for over five years now and have never felt so deeply connected with my practice since taking Anusha’s Mythology of Asana workshop in August 2015.

Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned veteran, Anusha will share with you a perspective on yoga that is deeply rooted in the mythological history and foundation of the practice. It will bring a new sense of energy and awareness to your practice. Anusha brought an incredible amount of knowledge and passion to her workshop leaving me curious and craving more. I would highly recommend Anusha’s teachings to any aspiring or committed yoga practitioner.

Alessandra Conicella

Yoga Teacher and Owner Raw Yoga Studio, Winnipeg

Inviting Anusha Wijeyakumar to be a part of the Empowered Yoga Teacher Training™ was such an amazing addition to my curriculum. Anusha has both passion for and knowledge of the mythology behind many of the common postures in our typical asana practice. She made the content interesting and accessible to the trainees and myself. Now every time I find myself in many of the postures during my practice they have taken on a whole new meaning. I believe this is an important addition to any yoga teacher training to bring the true essence of the Hindu tradition into our modern western yoga spaces.
Jamie Hanson

Creator and Lead Instructor of the Empowered Yoga Teacher Training

Anusha was a guest speaker in my yoga teacher training class and discussed the ‘Mythology of Asana’. I absolutely loved hearing all the mythology behind the poses we practice on our mats. I listened eagerly about the stories of the Hindu deities and their special powers and how it correlated to the pose Anusha described. Then to top it off she taught a class and referred to the mythology as she taught. Amazing stories from an amazing storyteller and yoga instructor!
Julie Omens

Yoga Teacher - RYT200

Anusha’s Spiritual Life Coaching Program

Anusha was that breath of fresh air I needed as I was drowning inside of myself. She has helped me find my voice again and given me the confidence to feel my emotions fully and also express them to others in a way that allows them to truly understand how I am feeling. Before I found Anusha, I constantly struggled with feeling misunderstood and trapped in my emotions. Never able to fully express them in a way that was productive for others to understand. In the short 8 weeks I have worked with Anusha, I have gotten my voice back, been able to have conversations with loved ones I’ve been wanting to have, and have confidence in myself that I can express myself and be understood. She has also helped me with the constant anxiety I had, acting like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I would get trapped in my head, with no way out but doom and gloom. Feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, she snapped me out of my doom and gloom mindset and into a mindset of peace and true happiness. Before I saw Anusha, I felt like everyone around me needed to change in some way for me to be happy, and now I realize that with the changes in myself that I have made, everyone else around me has changed. Sometimes it’s ourselves we need to focus on and not the world around us. I will forever be grateful to Anusha for all the love, support, and push she gives me to better myself every day and find that state of mindfulness we all wish to find. I am blessed to call her a true friend and mentor.
Danielle Horton

Marketing Director

When I started with Anusha in the summer of 2016, I was completely stuck in every aspect of what I was doing, caught in an emotional whirlpool and a bad marriage. I was preoccupied with distractions, and I had completely stopped moving forward. Working with Anusha has given me access to tools, perspectives, and an accountability partner that has helped me get things back on track. It’s not always easy, and not always fun, but it’s steadily moving forward. I’ve completed my first 12 weeks with Anusha and made a decision to renew for another 12 weeks based on the changes I’ve seen so far.
Dave Bullock

IT Entrepreneur

FIVE STAR RATING ***** I started working with Anusha in October of 2014. I was in trouble in my 20 year marriage and did not know what was going to happen. I was not in an emotionally stable state of mind. When I began to have coaching sessions with Anusha what happened and what has continued to happen is that she has helped me to come to a place of PEACE WITHIN that I know would NOT have been possible without her guidance, support, and helped me to see things as they are and not as I would like them to be. I can not thank her enough for all that she has done. I could have never imagined that my life and my path would have been as rewarding as it has become. If you’re reading this testimonial, I hope you try coaching with Shanti Within! I couldn’t recommend it with higher regards. I am now at a place of peace that makes me very happy! Thank you Anusha & Shanti Within
John Hopton

Business Owner

I was referred to Anusha for life coaching by a mutual friend who spoke very highly of her. Anusha has been very instrumental in helping me on my journey.
Originally I was going just for the life coaching sessions, but she suggested that I add an hour of yoga first to help center me and quiet the mind. This has turned out to be extremely helpful not only for the sessions, but for my yoga practice as well. She is able to communicate with my guides, who often give her wondrous insight and direction regarding me. Just outside in the bucolic setting where she holds her sessions, invariably birds will squawk loudly, as well as butterflies and hummingbirds will flit by in support of what is going on in the session. She does work you and helps you to face realities that are not always pleasant. Just when you are so frustrated you could split, it seems there comes another major breakthrough. When you are ready to seriously move forward on your path, I highly recommend using her services. There is something beautiful awaiting you on the other side of this transformation. You just need to take the first step, be committed, and allow Anusha to guide you.
Sue Hoffski

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