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After years of thinking I was managing my stress just fine, clearly I was not and at the beginning of the year I had my very first anxiety attack. That certainly woke me up! I started doing some research and decided to incorporate mediation in my daily life. Since starting Anusha’s monthly meditations, I can honestly say they have helped decrease my stress level, as well as teaching me to focus on my breathing. It’s amazing how good breathing can feel if you’re mindful of it. Thanks to Anusha, I feel more balanced and I’m even sleeping better! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us Anusha!

- Lynne Door

Do you want to find a way to commit to a daily meditation practice that actually works?

Sign up for a meditation program that is evidence based and one of the very few meditation programs to be clinically tested at Hoag Hospital, one of the top rated hospitals in the USA. Anusha’s program is an easily accessible monthly meditation subscription direct to your smart phone, laptop or tablet that promises to leave you feeling more calm and peaceful from within!


Anusha is a WOC in STEM and has many years of experience in the art of meditation and mindfulness practices and has crafted her own signature style. Anusha is the international selling author of Meditation with Intention and a sought after motivational speaker on mindfulness and meditation around the world. She has seen first hand through her coaching model and teaching how transformative meditation and mindfulness practices can be in creating lasting change in people’s lives.

Meditation With Intention:
Quick & Easy Ways to Create Lasting Peace

With just five minutes of meditation a day, you can dial down that constant inner chatter and turn up the volume of your true positive essence. Join meditation expert Anusha as she expertly helps you integrate ancient Eastern wisdom into your modern Western lifestyle for a deeper sense of purpose, self-acceptance, and self-love.