Monthly Meditation Subscription

Change your life and commit to developing a lasting daily meditation practice that works! New meditations and mindfulness exercises added monthly with bonus materials including podcasts and personal tips to improve your wellbeing for only $9.99 per month.

“At Anusha’s prompting, I have been meditating consistently for some time now. Although at times the discipline of meditation may be challenging, I have to say I am seeing results. Each day provides a new experience to be sure. My guided meditations with Anusha can be particularly fruitful. The messages and guidance I have received have been amazing. I love having her right there with me and keeping me focused on my journey.”
– Sue Hoffski

Spend a little time on yourself this year. Want to find a way to commit to a daily meditation practice that actually works? Want a method of shutting off that constant inner dialogue that just doesn’t stop? Due to popular demand Shanti Within is pleased to bring you an exciting new downloadable monthly meditation subscription direct to your smart phone, laptop or tablet that promises to leave you feeling more calm and peaceful from within!

Science verifies that cultivating compassion and mindful awareness in our lives by living in the present, enables us to transform our relationship with ourselves and others. By creating and committing to a regular meditation practice you lower your baseline level of emotional arousal so that when something negative occurs or you start to feel stressed, instead of your normal programmed reaction, you instead are able to retrain your mind to meet these situations with patience and mindfulness. This results in living in the present moment rather than fear based reactivity and anxiety driven projections into the future. Learn Anusha’s tools of meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises to change the landscape of your thinking and start the journey towards a more peaceful and happier you!

Anusha has many years of experience in the art of meditation and mindfulness practices and has crafted her own signature style. Anusha is the Wellness Coach for the prestigious Hoag Wellness Centers, at both their Newport Beach and Irvine locations, and also leads meditation and mindfulness practices for their clients, staff and the general public. Anusha is a sought after speaker on mindfulness and meditation across southern California and leads workshops around the world. She is very passionate about her work introducing these practices to people recovering from serious drug and alcohol addiction at treatment centers in California. She has seen first hand through her coaching model and teaching around the world how transformative these practices can be in creating lasting change in people’s lives.

Change your mindset to change your life, commit to Anusha’s program and develop a lasting daily meditation practice that works! New meditations added monthly with bonus materials including podcasts and personal tips to improve your practice for only $9.99 per month.

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